Our People

William F. Maycock
President & CEO

David Goodwin
Vice President & Senior Trust Officer

Jahni Lindsay
Vice-President & Financial Controller

Neil Halliday

Brenda Phillips
Asst. Vice-President and Manager, Client Accounting and Operations

Trust Administration

Trust Services often require a truly global view in order to address many families' multi-dimensional needs across different jurisdictions.

Winchester Global Trust Company Limited is a licensed and regulated financial institution in Bermuda that is committed to structure plans strategically with clear thinking of long-term relationships in mind. 

Our wide range of Trust Services include: 

  • Establish Private Trusts
  • Trustee Administration Services
  • Adminstering entities' underlying Trusts
  • Trust Protector Services
  • Corporate Trust Services
  • Establish Purpose Trusts
  • Establish and administer Private Trust Companies (PTCs) and administration of underlying Trusts
  • Co-Trustee Services and administering these relationships
  • Arranging the retirement and appointment of new trusteeships
  • Administering Trusts of multi-jurisdictions
  • Trustee Services for Business Trusts or Unit Trusts
  • Master/Feeder Fund Relationships or for Offshore/Onshore Fund relationships
  • Trustee for Life Insurance policies

 View our Trust Business Licence