Our People

William F. Maycock
President & CEO

David Goodwin
Executive Vice President & Senior Trust Officer

Jahni Lindsay
Vice-President & Financial Controller

Neil Halliday

Brenda Phillips
Asst. Vice-President and Manager, Client Accounting and Operations

Our history

The origins of the Winchester Group began in 1991 when the Trust industry became licensed and regulated in Bermuda. The founding members of the company formed a relationship with Olympia Capital Company Limited, a fund administration company, and became a subsidiary. As a result, the company grew considerably as a trustee for business trusts or unit trusts.

The group grew further when William Maycock joined in 1995, bringing private client and personal trust relationships to the company. The company continued to grow as the markets in unit trusts, fund administration and personal trusts were very much in vogue.

In November 2007, when the principals behind Olympia Capital retired, the group was purchased by CACEIS S.A., a joint venture, fund adminstration company, owned by Crédit Agricole S.A., Paris and Natixis, Luxembourg. The company became more corporate structured with enhancements to internal audit and increased Board supervision.

In September 2011, CACEIS decided to exit the Bermuda jurisdiction and the company was bought by the Management of Winchester Global Trust Company. Management created a holding company, Winchester Holdings Ltd., to hold the shares of the Winchester Group.

Now an independent company, we are more nimble and responsive to private clients' needs. With Management's direct involvement in all aspects of the business, the care and attention to detail is important to success.

On 11 September, 2014 the Bermuda Monetary Authority (the regulatory body in Bermuda) confirmed their No Objection to the acquisition and merger of Woodmont Trust Company Ltd by Winchester Global Trust Company Limited.

This step by the two trust companies, with the regulatory approval, was in the best interest of all their clients.

Woodmont advised all their clients, that they were very pleased that a larger company, with many more employees and infrastructure, would be further enhancing the relationships that it had established over many years. 

The arrangement offered many synergies and cost savings, allowed expansion of the combined company’s customer base and further improved the service to all clients.

On July 7, 2016, Winchester Global Trust Company Limited and Fiduciary Partners Trust Company Ltd. agreed to a merger of the two companies. The new entity retained the name Winchester Global Trust Company Limited and the administration teams of both companies. 

We believe that merging the complementary skills and experiences of the Fiduciary and Winchester teams will result in a newly energised and vibrant company that will provide an enhanced level of client services and is better equipped to negotiate the increasingly regulated global environment.


Winchester Global Trust Company Limited and Fiduciary Partners Trust Company Ltd. merger certificate

Winchester Global Trust Company Limited and Woodmont Trust Company Ltd. merger certificate